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Beware the Enthusiastic Dog

Imagine my delight on Friday night when the missus asks if I am planning to go fishing this weekend. “I am now” thinks I. So I set out for first light on Saturday morning full of hope for a pike before the rivers close.

I had stripped the rods at the end of the last session, the fish-in at Brandesburton, which I thought would my last of the season. For this reason, getting the rods in took a little longer than usual.

The first bait, a float ledgered Sardine, was cast up the margin to my right. I was just loading the second with a Lamprey when a friendly Alsation bounded up for a sniff around my tackle. When his owner shouted him back the obediant dog turned and raced to his side… and unfortunately for me he ran straight through my line.

Fourteen Pound Pike

The line snapped straight away and, like a perfect bolt rig, the treble hook transferred itself from Lamprey to the tip of the wedding finger in the blink of an eye.

I could understand it if either of the other barbless points had hooked me, but how did the barbed point get out of the bait and into me?

A treble hook burried in my flesh was a first for me and I was surprised to find that there was no pain, which was a bloody relief because it needed a pair of forceps and hell of a lot of force to get it out. Well it was a size six, and “right up to the bend”.

Removing the treble triggered a heap of blood and I then realised that the point had sliced a small tear in my little finger which bled like mad.

The guy with the dog nipped home for a first aid kit and, after a cup of coffee, we patched things up and I decided to carry on fishing.

It was a mixed morning as I had forgotten my camera, although, as my last 6 sessions were all blank, this wasn’t too concerning. Of course, sod’s law says that when you forget your camera…

  • 05:00 Alarm call
  • 06:30 Incident with Alsation
  • 07:45 14lb 15oz pike on sardine
  • 09:45 14lb 13oz pike on sardine
  • 10:10 14lb 15oz pike again on sardine
  • Plus three jacks on a yellow rattle shad
  • 12:00 Home for lunch

I wonder how often the same pike will be caught twice by the same angler on the same morning. It’s certainly a first for me. The 14lb 15oz fish had a growth in its mouth which made it easy to identify second time around.

When I return to this water the leaves will be falling and winter fast approaching. I hope it won’t be as cold as this winter, which seemed to go on and on.

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