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Fillet of pike anyone?

Makro PikeOn a recent visit to Makro in Sheffield I happened across the fish counter, on the look out for baits. Pitched at the front of the display was a selection of pike.

This is the first time I have seen pike for sale at Makro, but with a rapidly expanding European population it could become a popular and profitable line for our local retailers. It is certainly encouraging to see that there is a legal method to obtain pike for the table. These pike were farmed in Denmark.

But what about the price? RRP is £9.99 and I guess the ones on sale here weighed seven or eight pounds each, placing them at £30 to £40 per fish. Fresh Salmon fillets are £8 to £10 per kilo at the supermarket making £9.99 per kilo of pike quite an expensive outlay.

I wonder how long it will be before pike is a regular sight when we do our weekly shopping. If there’s a profit to be made then surely it will happen.

Perhaps pike will catch on with the British public, but where will that leave or beloved prey?

Poaching is a threat to our freshwater fish. Will the poachers target pike in greater numbers if the market expands? You can be sure of it.

On the other hand, will we see pike being farmed in the UK?

Farmed PikeAquavision, a fish farm rearing Carp for the table, opened in 2008 in Cullompton, Devon. As well as supplying restaurants and retailers with Carp for the table, Aquavision provide a full range of services and products for the backyard fish farmer.

Goodlifers have long been growing their own vegetables and keeping chickens. Now you can add carp rearing to the list.

Does this mean that pike rearing will soon follow? Wouldn’t that be ironic! Imagine the uproar if a hundred thousand twelve inch pike escaped from a fish farm into a river during a flood. You can be sure that the pike sport would improve in the following years.

Or perhaps the keen piker could try a self service pike farm for use in illegally stocking the local fisheries.

Whatever the future, we can expect to see more pike on our supermarket fish counters.

Now, about that backyard pike farm…

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