Fishin Addict Lures

Chris Howell from Fishin Addict contacted me recently and asked if I’d like to try some of their lures in return for a review. Naturally I agreed and a day later a package arrived.

The first thing to say is that delivery was very prompt. The lures were well packaged and undamaged when the dropped through the letter box.


    I opened the package and found the following three lures in plain white packaging.

  • Silver Ghost Spinner Bait
  • Chub Roach Multi Jointed Lure
  • Slim Silver Multi Jointed Lure

Fishin Addict Lures

Silver Ghost Spinner Bait

I have a quite a few spinner baits and they are all very similar in both design and quality. This one from the guys at Fishin Addict has an eye catching white skirt and I particularly like the red glass beads separating the blades. In the water it has a nice fish attracting vibration.

Although the build quality looks good, a couple of spare skirts in the packet would come in handy and help to set Fishin Addict apart from other retailers. This is a nice lure that will definitely catch pike.

Chub Roach Multi Jointed Lure

Fishin Addict Roach Chub Multi Jointed Swimbait

This smooth bodied multi jointed swimbait lure is 160mm long, weighs 40g and has a lot going for it. For a start it looks like a fish and swims like a fish. The ball bearings give it plenty of rattle as it swims along with an attractive wriggle through its five segments.

It is promoted as a slow sinking lure and although that is probably correct, I would love to have it sink even slower to get the best out of it on the shallow weedy waters I usually fish.

This lure has a nice action in the water and it was attacked by a jack pike on my first cast. I failed to connect with the fish, however. After closer inspection the hooks are not as sharp as I would like. They may be perfectly good for most, but they didn’t pass the fingernail test. I would recommend changing to a better quality hook.

The Chub Roach Swimbait is finished with a nice clear printed image and highly reflective beady eyes making this an all round attractive lure and one that I am happy to recommend.

Slim Silver Multi Jointed Lure

Fishin Addict Muiti Jointed Lure

The Slim Silver Multi Jointed Swimbait Lure has a totally different design to the Roach Chub. For a start there are eight segments that create an eel like wriggle as it swims through the water. Instead of the standard metal hinges that the Chub Roach Swimbait and other lures in this class sport, the segments are connected on a centimetre wide strip of material. This allows for very supple movement between each smooth, hard bodied segment.

I like the way the pattern is printed onto the hard body. It looks like it was taken from a photograph and certainly appears realistic to my eye.

There are no ball bearings in the model I received, which is perfectly fine as I would not expect any on a lure this size and shape, however the advert does mention them. I am sure this is just an oversight. The hooks are the same type as on the Roach Chub so I will put some better ones on.

I was able to cast this 140mm, 28g lure accurately over thirty or so yards. The lure sinks quite quickly and will be ideal on waters over 5 feet deep. I tried it out on a shallow, weedy water and although it worked well I will probably use it on deeper waters such as my local canal.

In conclusion I would recommend both of these highly realistic swimbait lures. They are an attractive alternative to the Savage Gear 4-Play lures with an excellent action.

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Please note I have not been paid for this review although I did receive the lures free of charge. All of the views expressed are my own.

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