Fox Warrior Predator Spin 7ft 20-80g Lure Rod


Being in the market for a new spinning rod, I was typically daunted by the choice available.

My Daiwa Vertice Telespin has proved a worthy companion. Last summer, however, the tip mysteriously snapped off during a caravaning holiday.

I wanted the replacement to be compact, lightweight and suitable for throwing spoons and spinnerbaits, small crankbaits, jerkbaits, and swimbaits.

Much of my lure fishing takes place while I am working away from home, so it must also fit easily into the boot of my car alongside the suitcase.

Taking advice from the folks at the Tackle Shop in Gainsbrough I purchased a Fox Warrior Predator 7ft spinning rod.

Fox Warrior Predator Spin 7ft 20-80g

The Warrior breaks into two pieces and with a casting weight rating of 20g – 80g it would seem to suit my requirements.

First Impressions

I took the Warrior out for the first time and after a couple of hours fishing here are my initial impressions:

  • The grey / black finish and Fox Slik guides give the rod a look of quality and the reel fitting and cork handle provide a nice feel to the rod.
  • It is very light and slim so it will be easy to use all day without getting arm ache.
  • At 7ft long and breaking into a compact two pieces it stores away nicely.


Appearances are ok but they don’t catch fish, so how does the Warrior perform on the bank?

  • The 7ft blank was suitable for the shorter casts but struggled to punch a spinnerbait more than 25 yards into a blustery wind. Forty yards became possible with a bit more weight in the lure.
  • Twitches and flicks were easily imparted into the jerkbaits, with no effort required for a quick flick of the rod tip.
  • High water levels prevented me from getting as close to the edge of the bank as I would like. As a result I had difficulty lifting lures out of the water without pulling them through the reeds. This is where I really missed the extra two feet nine inches that the Daiwa Vertice provides.
  • Playing a double figure pike was great fun. The rod had enough power to overcome a lively fish, even if I didn’t have the kind of control I am used to with a 12 foot 3lb test curve deadbait rod. And to be frank, neither should I.

I am pleased with this rod; although an extra foot or two wouldn’t go amiss.

The Fox Warrior 7ft Spin is an ideal choice for lure fishing on waters with a man made bank where big casts are not required. Town centre rivers for one and canals for another. In fact, exactly the type of places that I find myself fishing when I am working away.

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