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Help Finding the Wotton Lake Pike

Cecil James Pike

Can you help locate a cased twenty pound pike?

Paul James is trying to locate the pike caught from Wotton Lake in 1937 by his Grandfather, Cecil James. The pike was mounted in bow fronted case with following inscription:

Pike – Caught at Wotton Lake by C James. 6th Dec 1937 Weight 20lbs

The fish obviously means a lot to Paul and his family. This is what Paul had to say:

I appreciate that killing fish for taxidermy is now frowned upon and have always handled the Pike I’ve caught with care but this was done a long time ago when they were far more abundant. You can see from the inscription on the case that the Pike was caught at on 6th December 1937 by Cecil James. If you could publish this on your site somebody may know of its whereabouts, as I doubt that a stuffed fish of such high quality would have been thrown away. I’d obviously be prepared to buy it back from whoever has it now, if it was found, it is a great pity that it ever left the family in the first place but it must have gone when he last moved house as I don’t recall seeing it after that.

Paul also spoke highly of his Grandfather’s angling abilities and generosity, saying:

Cecil James lived in Gawcott near Buckingham and was a long term member of the Buckingham & District Angling Association, a keen match angler he won many of the clubs trophies outright but donated them back to the club so that others could enjoy them in the future.

If you know where this cased pike is or may be able to help Paul find it then please email Paul James at ducatiman@btconnect.com.

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