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Pike Angler Thinking Out Loud No.1

Thinking Out Loud is not just an Ed Shearon number, it’s a term used by bloggers to empty their head and overcome writers block. I don’t know where the term Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud originated but I first encountered it on the Pickyrunner blog. Sarah, the pickyrunner, credits www.runningwithspoons.com and I am happy give them the credit unless anyone knows better.

Here goes…

Master one method

Jon Neafcy recently visited the Scunthorpe & District PAC region where he took us through his last twelve months of fishing.

Jon said he is a single method pike angler. He hasn’t used live baits for several years and lures are not for him. Jon is a dead bait pike angler only.

This was the second of Jon’s talks that I have seen. The first was about five years ago at a Selby region meeting. It is clear from both slide shows that Jon knows how to catch pike. He uses a method that works for him, and he keeps repeating it. I’m sure Jon has a lot of water craft. He will be working hard, tweaking his presentations, baits, locations. But all of this is within the method of dead baiting.

When you are trying to catch pike it can be very tempting to switch methods, but if you master one method you can achieve success.

Night Piking

A picture of a pike caught at night by Alan Dudhill in the Angler’s Mail 13 October 2015 is accompanied by the text:

Pike do not generally need to feed at night, but this 27lb gravel pit monster hadn’t read the rulebook.

Over the years I have seen many people ask if pike feed at night. There seems to be a theory that pike only feed during daylight hours or maybe an hour into dark. Don’t believe a word of it. Pike will and do feed through the night.

Jon Neafcy does a lot of overnight sessions and a good proportion of the pike on his slides were photographed at night. Now I don’t think Jon is sacking fish caught in daylight just so he has the pleasure of a self take in the dark!

I discussed this with a friend during the talk. We agreed that we have caught pike in the night on every venue we have fished for them at night. Don’t be afraid to give it a try, especially if your venue is under pressure during the day. You might be surprised.

My first instinct is to teach

Thirteen years ago I began a career as a trainer in the public sector. It’s a job that has brought great pleasure to me. I love creating and delivering training courses.

This means whenever I watch someone else standing front and centre giving a lecture, delivering a course or showing their slides, I always feel slightly envious.

I admire those that do put themselves out and give their time to creating and delivering a talk. It’s just that I want to be up there interacting with the audience. Mind you, I don’t just want to be talking, I want to be explaining, demonstrating and helping people.

I automatically want to teach.

I wonder if this is also why I love doing this website. It allows me the opportunity to help people.

I may not be the most experienced piker around. I don’t get out nearly as often as I should. I haven’t caught a mountain of pike. But I started pike fishing in the late 1980’s. I do know a little and I enjoy passing this knowledge on.

Perhaps it’s time to put together a slide show so I can get out and meet some new pikers. The thing is, I would not be showing pictures of pike after pike. Mainly because I haven’t caught enough to leave anyone in awe. I would want to go into how I caught, what were my tactics and methods that might help you catch more pike. I just don’t know if thats what pikers want from their slide shows.

That enough for this week. Let me know if any of this resonates with you and what your thoughts about piking are at the moment.

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All the best, Andy

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