Review of Salmo Slider Jerkbait Lure

Salmo Slider Real PerchWith a realistic appearance, a beautiful finish and an overly large head and eye, which provide a nice target for the pike, the Slider by Salmo is a reliable jerkbait that will always find a place in my lure box.

Lure anglers are quite particular when choosing the colour and size of their lures. The Slider caters for most tastes with a wide range of attractive colours including, Real Perch, Green Tiger, and my favourite (so far), Real Shiner.

The Salmo Slider is available on Amazon

Available in three different sizes, 7cm, 10cm and 12cm, you can also choose between a sinking and floating variety.

Salmo Slider Real ShinerI have used a floating Slider in a 7cm Real Shiner pattern to great effect on the shallow waters that I tend to fish.

The compact pebble like shape means the Slider casts like a dream on my light spinning outfit, beating any other lure for accuracy and distance with ease.

Jerkbaits like a flick on the rod tip to impart a bit of action on the lure, and the Slider responds well to the slightest tap.

There is so much happening to the lure you can see why the pike love them. The body tilts, giving the appearance of a flash of flank.

The lure darts forward and quickly turns at 90 degrees to glide to an enticing halt, where it slowly returns to facing the angler.

The next flick will see the lure flashing in the opposite direction.

Salmo Slider Green TigerAnother highly effective method is to use a straight retrieve, like a crankbait, which results in the lure darting left then right then left and so on, just like my Dad crossing the fairway when playing Golf.

In the 3 months I have been using the Slider I have caught pike from Lakes, Drains and Canals, with a new personal best lure caught pike of 17lb tempted on the 7cm floating Real Shiner.

The Salmo Slider is a fantastic lure that I cannot recommend highly enough.

The Salmo Slider is available on Amazon

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