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Unexpected Ice Bath

After an early start I was full of optimism for the day’s fishing. Mackeral is the bait of the moment and at 8am it once again proved irresistable to a pike. My delight turned to regret in the time it took to strike when the bait came flying back to me. Still, at least there were pike feeding.

Float In Margins

What happened next turned a promising day into a foolish early bath. If you’ve ever snagged a pike bait then you’ll know how I felt when I cast a whole mackeral down the reedy margins and into the edge of the reeds. I tried the usual methods for getting it ot but it was all to no avail. I was faced with a choice of leaving a bait with a pair of trebles in the margins or, wading through the reeds to retrieve the situation and, possibly, save a pike. I chose the latter.

The water was too deep for my wellies and they quickly filled. Once your wet you might as well carry on, or so I thought. By the time I had retrieved the mackeral I was soaked to my thighs, and I realised my foolishness immediately.

I learnt a few things about wading into freezing cold water in full winter gear. Pain and breathlessness gave rise to panic and an urgency to get out of the water and remove my icy clothes.

Please don’t be so foolish if the same situation presents itself to you.

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