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Woodsetts Quarry Pond

Woodsetts Quarry Pond picture by JessikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarWoodsetts Quarry Pond near Worksop which has produced pike to 27lb was taken over by Martin Ford in April 2011. Pike fishing is available from 1st October on a either a day ticket or through the lakes annual membership. It is estimated that there are around 50 to 60 carp to just over thirty pounds in this former quarry lake plus a further 30 carp between 8lb and 12lb that have recently been stocked. Other species include catfish, eels to 8lb and a large head of silver fish are also present.

Venue Type:

Gravel Pit




Open all year

Day Ticket:

Day ticket prices are unknown

  • Membership runs from 1st June 2012 until 1st June 2013
  • Full membership with night fishing is £150
  • Day only membership is £90
  • Pike fishing is from 1st October


  • A: Fishing is limited to a 48 stay, with a 24 hour rest period before returning to the bank to fish again.
  • B: All members to be in possession of a valid Environment Agency fishing licence.
  • C: Fishing with two rods only.
  • D: Any person found fishing from the quarry wall will be banned from the water.
  • E: Night fishing is for members only and no member is to bring guests onto the water at night.
  • F: No member will remove/clear or cut, trees, rushes or weed without permission.
  • G: All members to take their rubbish home with them… please don’t dump it in the site bin or woods.
  • H: Members must be in possession of a large, well-padded, unhooking mat and a minimum 42inch landing net with fine mesh.
  • I: All captures are to be reported to either myself or one of the bailiffs (this is to enable us to build up a proper stock list and also to monitor weight gains/losses throughout the year.)
  • J: All members will be expected to attend two out of four work party days over the course of the year. Failure to do so will result in their membership being withdrawn.
  • K: No carp sacks to be used or brought onto the site. If you need to retain a carp for pictures, please do so in your net, or purchase a retention sling that has floats on the handle section. Please don’t retain carp for any longer than is necessary.
  • L: No fires on the bank or surrounding woodland. Barbeques can be used, but must be cleared away after use.
  • M: Any member found drunk or under the influence of drugs will be asked to leave the water immediately.
  • N: Please be sensible with bait amounts and particle baits.
  • O: Please respect other members and their fishing.
  • P: Please park away from the water’s edge… use the car park or parking bays.
  • From Dec 1 st until the last day of Feb…full members are allowed to use three rods for carp fishing only.
  • Martin Ford: 07769 212762

No liability is accepted for costs incurred due to inaccuracies in this information. Please contact the venue to confirm details before setting out.

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