Pike Fishing Books

I hope you enjoy searching through this huge list of pike fishing books. You'll never be stuck for choice, but you will need a bit of luck in tracking some of them down.

Many of these books are still available. Where there is a link you can simply click through to Amazon.

How to Catch Big Pike (2016) by Paul Gustafson

Not only does Paul's new book have chapters by Gord Burton, Pete Climo, Fred Buller, Alastair Rawlings, Bob Church and Mick Willis, it also explains how and where a new world record pike could be caught. Foreward by Fred Buller O.B.E. [Little, Brown Book Group]

Tangles with Pike

Tangles with Pike (2015) by Dominic Garnett

A Collection of Pike Fishing Stories from one of anglings most gifted writers. [DG Fishing]

Lure Fishing: Presentation and Strategy

Lure Fishing: Presentation and Strategy (2014) by Dave Pugh

A lure fishing book in two fascinating sections. The first part covers presentation with chapters on lures, tackle and technique. Part two focuses on strategies for selecting waters, locating pike and luring them in.[Coch-Y-Bonddu-Books]

Chew Valley Giants

Chew Valley Giants (2014) by Phil Wakeford and Carl Garratt

Chew Valley Reservoir near Bristol is the most prolific pike water in UK history. This book chronicles the huge pike that have been captured from there. A limited run of 300 hardback copies proved very popular so they may be difficult to find. The paperback version is still available. [Harper Fine Angling Books]

Looking for Lucie

Looking for Lucie (2012) by Ted Lamb

This wonderful pike fishing novel follows one fictional anglers quest as he tackles a huge Scottish Loch in search of the monster pike he has dreamed of since he was a boy, and the story of Lucie, Queen of the Loch. A huge pike whose three aims in life are survival, food and reproduction.

A History of Pike Fishing (2012) by Graham Booth

Pike Here and There (2012) by Phil Wakeford

Fox Guide to Modern Pike Fishing (2011) by Mick Brown

Pike Fishing on the Norfolk Broads (2010) by Derrick Amies

One of the most controversial characters in pike fishing, Derrick is a former British Record holder with an enviable amount of massive Broadland pike to his name.

Fly-Fishing for Pike (2010) by David Wolsencroft-Dodds

The Complete Book of the Giant Catfish (2010) by John Langridge

Eels: Angling's Final Frontier (2010) by Steve Ricketts

Fenland Pike (2009) by Denis Moules and Mark Barrett

Catching The Impossible (2009) by Martin Bowler and Hugh Miles

Tactical Pike Fishing (2009) by Mike Ladle and Jerome Masters

Mick Browns Guide to Pike and Predators (2009) by FOX International

A Piker's Progression (2009) by John Watson

Big Water Pike Fishing (2008) by Neville Fickling

Modern Lure Fishing (2008) by Barrie Rickards

Sixty Years A Fisherman (2008) by John Wilson

The Pike of Broadland (2007) by Stephen Harper

Lines On Pike (2007) by James Holgate

Mega Pike - The Return (2007) by Eddie Turner and Jason Davis

PAC 30 (2007) by Phil Wakeford and Mark Barrett

Tales From A Worcestershire Whirlpool (2007) by John Tate

Catch Pike with Lures (2007) by Various Authors

Big Pike (2006) by Bob Church

The Great Modern Pike Anglers (2006) by Barrie Rickards and Malcolm Bannister

Pike and Freshwater Predator Fishing in the British Isles (2006) by Steve Rogowski

Passion for Pike - The Challenge and mystery of fly-fishing for pike (2006) by Ad Swier

Fox Guide to Modern Pike Fishing (2006) by FOX International

More Mammoth Pike (2005) by Fred Buller

Just Williams (2005) by Nige Williams

Rapala: Legendary Fishing Lures (2005) by John Mitchell

Mammoth Pike (2004) by Neville Fickling

Dimples to Wrinkles and Beyond (2003) by Bill Palmer

Great Pike Stories (2003) by Fred Buller

The Fenland Thirties - A History of Fenland Pike (2003) by Denis Moules

Pike and Predator Fishing in the UK and Ireland (2003) by Steve Rogowski

Fly-Fishing for Pike (2003) by M.Jensen and B.T.Christenson

Everything You Need to Know About - Pike Fishing (2002) by Neville Fickling

Ultimate Pike (2000) by Dave Horton

Pike Fishing Beyond 2000 (2000) by Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain

Northern Pike - A Complete Guide to Pike and Pike Fishing - USA (2000) by Will Ryan

Grim - The Story of a Pike (1999) by S.Fleuron

Broadland Pike: A History of the Largest Recorded Captures (1998) by Stephen Harper

Fly Fishing for Big Pike (1998) by Alan Hanna

The Pike Angler's Library: A Guide to British Pike Fishing Books (1998) by P.Morgan

How To Catch Bigger Pike (1997) by Paul Gustafson

Dimples to Wrinkles (1997) by Bill Palmer

Fishing With Lures (1996) by Dave Lumb

The Art of Lure Fishing (1994) by Charlie Bettell

Tales From A Pike Angler's Diary (1993) by Malcolm Bannister

Pike: The Practice and The Passion (1993) by Mick Brown

Encyclopaedia of Lures (1993) by Chris and Sue Harris

Pike on the Fly (1993) by Barry Reynolds and J.Berryman

Hunting Trophy Muskies and Northerns - USA (1992) by Joe Bucher and O Smith

Pike Fishing with Neville Fickling (1992) by Neville Fickling

Modern Pike Rigs (1992) by Dave Lumb

Success With Pike (1992) by Barrie Rickards

Northern Pike and Muskie - USA (1992) by Dick Sternberg

Fishing Lures: A Practical Guide - USA (1992) by M.Veale

Pike In Your Waters (1992) by Pike Angler's Club of GB

Somewhere Down The Crazy River (1992) by Jeremy Wade and Paul Boote

Catching Pike on Lures (1991) by James Holgate

Pike Fishing: Expert Advice for Beginners (1991) by Tony Miles

The Ten Greatest Pike Anglers (1991) by Barrie Rickards and Malcolm Bannister

A Piker's Progress (1991) by John Watson

Catch Pike with John Wilson (1991) by John Wilson

Big Water Pike Fishing: Book 2 - Boat Fishing (1990) by James Holgate

Pike: In Pursuit of Esox Lucius (1990) by Martyn Page and Vic Bellars

Pike (1990) by D.Phillips

Go Fishing for Pike (1990) by Graeme Pullen

Mega Pike (1990) by Eddie Turner

Let's Start River Pike Fishing (1990) by R.Willett

Pike Waters (1990) by Bill Winship

An Introduction To Pike Fishing (1989) by David Batten

Pike (1989) by Martin Gay and Barrie Rickards

Big Water Pike Fishing: Book 1 - Bank Fishing (1989) by James Holgate

Master Fisherman: Pike (1989) by John Watson

Angling Afloat: A Complete Guide for Coarse Fishermen (1989) by Steve Harper

Lure Fishing for Pike Volume 2 (1988) by James Holgate

Lure Fishing - A New Approach (1988) by Mike Ladle and Harry Casey

The Best of Pikelines (1988) by Barrie Rickards

Lure Fishing for Pike Volume 1 (1987) by James Holgate

Advanced Pike Fishing (1987) by Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain

The Pike Anglers Manual (1987) by Barrie Rickards and Martin Gay

Spinning and Plug Fishing (1987) by Barrie Rickards and Ken Whitehead

River Piking (1987) by John Sidley

Pike Fishing (1987) by Tony Whieldon

Ken Whitehead's Pike Fishing (1987) by Ken Whitehead

The Tackle Shop Guide to Pike Fishing (1986) by Neville Fickling

In Pursuit of Predatory Fish (1986) by Neville Fickling

Basic Pike Fishing (1986) by Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain

Big Pike (1986) by Barrie Rickards

Pike: The Predator Becomes The Prey (1985) by John Bailey and Martyn Page

Tactics For Big Pike (1985) by Bill Chillingworth

Spinning (1984) by M.Pritchard

An In-Fisherman Handbook of Strategies - USA (1983) by Al Lindner

Pike and Freshwater Predator Fishing in the British Isles (1983) by S.Rogowski

Top Ten (1983) by B.Vaughan

Pike Fishing In The 80's (1982) by Neville Fickling

The Pike - a cold and relentless killer from the murky depths - novel (1982) by C.Twemlow

Pike And The PIke Angler (1981) by Fred Buller

The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike (1979) by Fred Buller

Spinners, Spoons and Wobbled Baits (1977) by Barrie Rickards and Ken Whitehead

Pike Fishing Step by Step (1976) by Barrie Rickards

Plugs and Plug Fishing (1976) by Barrie Rickards and Ken Whitehead

Northern Pike Fishing - USA (1975) by Kit Bergh

Beginner's Guide to Pike Fishing (1975) by Martin Gay

Pike (1974) by Jim Gibbinson

Catch More Pike (1972) by David Allen

Pike (1971) by Fred Buller

Fishing for Big Pike (1971) by Ray Webb and Barrie Rickards

Spinning for Pike (1970) by R.C.R. Barder

Esox: The Story of a Pike - English edition (1970) by W.Zeiske

The Pike Fisherman's Handbook (1966) by J Marlow

Big Pike (1965) by Geoffrey Bucknall

Pike and Perch (1964) by J.Nixon

The Way I Fish (1964) by Dennis Pye

Fishing for Pike with Mr. Cherry and Jim (1961) by Bernard Venables

Pike Fishing (1961) by N.Weatherall

Spoons, Spinners and Plugs: How to Make them (1960) by L Bates

Pike: How to catch them (1954) by A.L.Ward

Baitmaker's Delight (1953) by Craig C.Thurlow

Pike Fishing (1953) by W.J.Turrell

Spinner's Delight (1951) by Craig C.Thurlow

Hampton on Pike Fishing (1947) by J Hampton

A Fisherman's Recollections (1944) by N.Hill

Spinning up to Date: Trout, Salmon and Pike (1937) by Jock Scott

Pike on the Plug (1936) by J.Spencer

The Pike Fisher (1928) by E.Spence

Pike Fishing Red Letter Days and Others (1923) by Thomas Gray

How to Catch Pike (1921) by A.R.Matthews

Days Among Pike and Perch (1907) by J.W.Martin

Pike and Perch (1900) by W.Senior

Pike and Perch Fishing (1898) by J.W.Martin

Pike and Perch (1896) by Alex Jardine

Angling For Pike (1888) by John Bickerdyke

Pike and other Coarse Fish (1885) by H Cholmodeley-Pennell

Trolling for Pike, Salmon and Trout (1876) by H Cholmodeley-Pennell

The Book of The Pike (1865) by H Cholmodeley-Pennell

The Book of the Pike (1865) by C.Pennell

How To Spin For Pike, What It Is And What It Ought To Be, With A Few Words On Fine Fishing (1862) by H Cholmodeley-Pennell

The Compleat Troller (1682) by R.Nobbes

The Compleat Angler (1653) by Isaac Walton

A Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle (1496) by S Berners