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About Andy WebsterHi, I’m Andy, a pike angler from Doncaster. I am a writer who loves messing with computers and helping others. This website allows me to combine all of these elements.

I started the Pike Angler website when my son, Alexander, was born in 2006. I had been keen to learn how to create a website for a while and the spare time between nappy changes gave me the chance to make a start. The website was originally called PredatorAngler, but I soon realised that, as my passion was for pike, this name was not right. I changed the name and www.pikeangler.co.uk was born on 29 August 2007. Almost twelve months later, on 3 August 2008, I started the forum and discovered that there were other pikers actually looking at the website.

My Fishing

I have enjoyed fishing for pike for over twenty years and have caught a few, not too many, not too big… unfortunately! My first fishing trips were in the winter of 1988-9 when I tagged along with some mates who were kind enoungh to let me use some of their gear. During those first freezing cold days I learned how to tackle up a rod, tie knots, attach dead and live baits, and cast out. Casting out proved a bit hit and miss as I left several rigs in the trees. My buddy hasn’t forgotten that I owe him a few floats, and I still leave the odd one in those trees!

Aim of PikeAngler

I am eager to share what I have learned since then with you, and to learn from you and others in the process. Pike are a simple fish that are fairly easy to catch. My aim is to help you learn the methods, tactics, tools and techniques used to catch pike; and select when to apply them so that you can catch, and safely release, pike.

Tight Lines Andy Webster