Do you dream of catching pike?

Whether you are seeking advice about pike fishing, learning how to get started, looking for your next pike water or somewhere to take a piking holiday, you’ve come to the right place.

Pike Angler is about inspiring, teaching and supporting pike anglers to improve their pike fishing by catching more pike, and safely returning them back into their natural environment in a healthy state.

My Story

Andy Webster pike

Hi, I’m Andy, a pike angler who loves writing, messing with computers and helping others. This website allows me to combine all of these elements.

I started the Pike Angler website when my son, Alexander, was born in 2006. I had been keen to learn how to create a website for a while and the spare time between nappy changes gave me the chance to make a start. The website was originally called PredatorAngler, but I soon realised that, as my passion was for pike, this name was not right. I changed the name and www.pikeangler.co.uk was born on 29 August 2007. Almost twelve months later, on 3 August 2008, I started the forum and discovered that there were other pikers actually looking at the website.

My Fishing

I have enjoyed fishing for pike for over twenty years and have caught a few, not too many, not too big… unfortunately! My first fishing trips were in the winter of 1988-9 when I tagged along with some mates who were kind enoungh to let me use some of their gear. During those first freezing cold days I learned how to tackle up a rod, tie knots, attach dead and live baits, and cast out. Casting out proved a bit hit and miss as I left several rigs in the trees. My buddy hasn’t forgotten that I owe him a few floats, and I still leave the odd one in those trees!

How can Pike Angler help you?

I am eager to share what I have learned since then with you, and to learn from you and others in the process.

    Here are a few suggestions to start you off on exploring the Pike Angler website.

  • Ask PikeAngler – Wher I answer reader questions.
  • Getting Started – My recommended articles for pike anglers at the beginning of their piking journey.
  • Tips – The archive of articles with loads of advice on tackle,
    methods and answers to reader questions.
  • Waters – Find places to go pike fishing from this directory of Fisheries and Angling Clubs.
  • Reviews – Pike Fishing Tackle, Books, Websites and more.
  • Books – A huge list of pike fishing books
  • Talk – Some of the pike reported in the angling press.

I trust that you’ll find Pike Angler to be a useful resource for you in your piking.

Tight Lines Andy Webster