Fishing blogs you should read

There are loads of Blogs about angling and pike fishing out there in the big old web. I want to share some of the blogs that I enjoy and that you should read. Here are fifteen to get you started. More will be added as I find them.

Pike Blog

and Barbel and Chub and Perch and Carp and…

Pike Blog is the home to Brian Roberts’ angling adventures and his hilarious Jack’s Pike cartoon. The blog is worth visiting just for the great fishing tales and pictures. Brian is a very capable angler who catches loads of different fish including pike and shark. Jack’s Pike is the icing on the cake though and the reason why you must put Pike Blog in your favourites.

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Idler’s Quest

Serious pleasure fishing!

Idler’s Quest is very well written with a nice balance of humour and adventure. I get the feeling that Jeff Hatt, the author of Idler’s Quest, has a wonderful outlook on his fishing, with a love of being outdoors and not a drop of ego. This is definitely one of my favourite blogs.

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River Piker

A lure anglers diary

Paul Bosworth is a pike lure fishing fanatic who shares his adventures on his River Piker blog. Pauls blog is regularly updated with loads of great pictures, stories and You Tube videos. There is plenty of other useful information on pike fishing too such as lure reviews and instructions on trace making.

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Monty Dalrymple and the view from Yat Rock

Don’t expect Monty Dalrymple to take anything too seriously, he supports the Hammers after all. Monty’s is a humorous view from up on Yat Rock, which makes this a well written blog a very easy read.

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An Anglers Dangling Log

An Anglers Dangling Log is the personal blog of Jason Skilton, the RO for the Suffolk Region of the PAC. Jason mostly targets pike and provides detailed accounts of his fishing trips. The blog also includes a variety of other information that is interesting to pike anglers.

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Fooling Fish

In pursuit of fooling fish with artificial lures and flies.

Fooling Fish is the blog of fly and lure fishing fanatic Matt Holmes from Yorkshire. Matt targets all types of coarse fish with artificial baits from roach and rudd to perch and pike. Fooling Fish is a new blog that looks like it will be one to watch in the future.

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Tales of a River Angler

James Hinley is a regular pike fishing blogger from the North East of England. James spends most of his time fishing the River’s Tees and Wear. He targets pike, chub and barbel, and also catches trout and grayling with a centre pin method.

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Pike Fishing UK

Eric Edwards is a well known pike angler and the Pike Anglers Club’s Angling Development Officer. This blog shows that Eric is equally adept at catching tench, bream, barbel as well as pike and zander.

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Crooked Lines

The escapades of fishing mad writer Dominic Garnett

Crooked Lines is a well written blog that covers a broad range of angling. Although Dominic clearly loves all types of fishing he obviously loves being mobile and using flies and lures. The good quality pictures compliment the blog and allow the reader to be easily taken along with the stories.

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Fishing and Stuff

Fishing and Stuff is an entertaining record of the ramblings and chunterings of Michael Hastings. Not without an opinion, Michael lays down his thoughts on a variety of angling subjects, from Derrick Amies’ book to the use of a glove when handling pike. There are lots of good stories about his fishing too, which is varied and covers many different species.

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Fish Tales

Angling adventures with Christopher Lambert and chums

If you like a blog which sticks to reporting on fishing catches then Christopher Lambert’s Fish Tales is a must. Christopher and his chums catch loads of pike, carp, perch etc etc. In fact they just catch loads of fish. The photos are great and all of their methods are explained.

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The Intrepid Piscator

You won’t find a lot of piking on The Intrepid Piscator, but its a very interesting blog. The author fishes for carp at Redmire Pool which will surely attract the attention. The methods employed and tackle used are very traditional which adds a nice feel to the site. There are plenty of pictures too.

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Extracts from an average anglers diary… and other stuff

If you haven’t heard of Dave Lumb or visited his excellent blog then I am very surprised. Dave is one of PAC’s ‘Senior Fellows’ and has been writing and blogging for many years. This blog has loads of great pike fishing information and really is worth reading.

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Mike Kelly’s Water Log

The ramblings of an enthusiastic, but relatively incompetent fisherman, foodie and forager.

And now for something completely different. Mike Kelly shares his love of the outdoors by describing his food foraging and cooking as well as a little bit of fishing. If you want to know where to find big fish then you should go somewhere else. On the other hand, if you want to learn which wild mushrooms are edible and how to cook stuffed pumpkins then explore our great countryside with Mike Kelly.

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Alex Makk Fishing

Alex Makk is like all other anglers, he enjoys fishing. Alex fishes on his local River Trent and the lakes and ponds of Nottinghamshire. He is a regular contributor to the Pike Angler Forum and his fishing blog is an entertaining read. I have enjoyed following his angling adventures for several years.

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